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uClan Denys 2
uClan Denys 2

uClan Denys 2

Denys 2 / Denys 2.2 created on the basis of the popular Denys H.265 line, using the updated fast dual-core ARM A7 GX6613 processor, the main advantages of which will be significantly increased overall system performance, even greater adaptability of the system to work with network streams, support for FULLHD H.265 10bit, (previous Denys H.265 line only supported FULLHD H.265 8bit ...) Also, the new Denys 2 line is designed based on the experience of previous models and has better energy efficiency. The remote control has been updated with a convenient added programmable TV buttons and buttons for quick access to user's network applications.
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The main features of the Denys 2 model line set top boxes:
Denys 2 / Denys 2.2 digital satellite, hybrid set-top boxes are distinguished by many convenient functions at the new level of modern technologies, added to the line with wide participation of users and taking into their User Experience (UX) from the previous models of uClan brand.

Convenient universal IPTV player with EPG for easy working with .m3u8 links and .m3u playlists.

Working with middleware portals Stalker, Ministra, Xtream, etc.

Play content on your home network and using DLNA.

Convenient portals with a lot of content.

Management of many settings using the WEB Interface.

Support for CAS systems with control via WEB Interface.

Exclusively designed launcher with a "dynamic menu" for the user to add, select and edit many similar applications (slots). Here user can create many playlists and / or portals in the STB, not being limited to 2-4 slots as in set top boxes - competitors.

The convenient universal remote is equipped with programmable buttons to control the volume and TV inputs. For the user, four buttons for quick access to favorite functions are implemented, for example playlist or portal player, YouTube application, etc.
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